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The Riverina Business and Community Highlights

Welcome to the Riverina, an amazing region in New South Wales that is home to some of the best and most thriving businesses in Australia. Not only that, but the community here is strong and supportive, creating a unique environment that truly sets the region apart. Here are some of the top highlights of the business and community scene in the Riverina.

1. Agriculture - The Riverina is known for its agricultural production, with crops including wheat, canola, rice, and cotton. The region is also home to livestock farming.
2. Manufacturing - There is a strong manufacturing industry in the Riverina, with companies specializing in everything from cosmetics to engineering products.
3. Health care - The Riverina has a well-established health care sector, including hospitals, clinics, and aged care facilities.
4. Professional services - Legal, accounting, and business consulting services are also widely available in the region.

1. Festivals and events - The Riverina hosts a wide variety of festivals and events throughout the year, from agricultural shows to music festivals.
2. Food and wine - The region has an excellent culinary scene, with many quality food and drink offerings available, including unique local products like Wagyu beef.
3. Sporting culture - The Riverina has a strong sporting culture, with a range of activities available, including football, netball, and cricket.
4. Arts and culture - There is also a thriving arts and culture scene in the Riverina, with art galleries and performing arts venues, as well as public art installations.

The Riverina truly is a special place, with a vibrant and supportive community and a diverse range of thriving businesses. Whether you're here to live, work, or play, there is always something new and exciting to discover in this amazing region.

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